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03-21-2013, 03:26 PM
Originally Posted by deyvad View Post
my friend opened 6 and got a JHAS at the 4th one.

I opened 20 and didn't get one.

6, 20, 100, even 500 are way to small a sample to get any acurate data on the drop %. Considering you're dealing with a RNG, you need a huge volume of data to be able to have an approximation of the drop rate.
Yeah maybe you are right but tbh....I only did it out of curiosity more than anything.....and to try and quell the urge to go spend money on opening packs....

I think either way you look at it some data gathering before spending dil on the exchange for a load of packs is better than no data gathering.....

And maybe.....if just everyone that read this thread did 200 themselves....maybe....something cooperatively cool might come out of this instead of the usual ESD zone chat ranting about bacon......