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03-21-2013, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
If the sci pops a fully buffed sensor scan on you... I would bet the sci FBP would in fact kill you much quicker then the alphed up version.
Ahh, memories

A fully buffed Sensor Scan + fbp3 combo is very, very effective when you use it correctly. A tractor beam is nice in that mix too, since you can keep your target facing you... another reason auto-fire is bad.

Main Topic:

As someone who has played sci through all of it's stages in STO, we are so close to replaceable right now, that it is scary. If it weren't for SNB, there realliy wouldn't be any reason for us. Everyone would just put a tac in an escort and see who can coordinate their alphas more efficiently.

I think my only problem with Tacs boosting sci power damage doesn't lie with the Tac Captains, but rather with the fact that S5 and the new skill tree took away the ability for Sci captains to boost their own powers in any meaningful way. Anyone remember the ST3, SciFleet combo? It could make anything you fired off ,with the buffs active, absolutely devastating. I believe that sci captains in sci ships should be able to do something devastating, with their boff abilities, every once in a while.

The current situation has truly limited sci to being the replacements for engineers, on top of their original duties. You go heal heavy with a Commander level CC ability (since you can't put a heal there), use your SNB and Sensor Scan when appropriate, and pump out some form of DOT or Tranny damage while trying to keep your teammates alive. Doing anything else lessens your value to a team right now, a problem compounded by the current state of Engineers...