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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
tac captains dealing the most damage with everything and anything is how it should be. its the class that only deals damage, another captain type out damaging it in any way makes no sense.
Not its not. They should only receive the highest damage from using weapons not sci abilities. They should not boost them. Period.

engineers suck because they are redundant due to defensive power creep, or theres something else available to everyone that mimics their skills. but in a lot of matches, with out a sci around no one would ever die
Engineers are ok. Their power systems stuff is great for cruisers and carriers. Not so good for escorts though BUT they sure beat science in escorts big time.

energy siphon can be fairly potent actually, but TR has to be broken. it does basically nothing. having 99 PI cuts shield and energy drains in half, its rare you will find a challenging opponent without 99 PI, those sci skills definitely need work. but the rest of sci, especially properly doffed, is still devastating for controlling
Yep. All drains are absolutely non-functional. The only ship that can actually use drains is the breen warship and thats because it has the one extra 3-minute timer drain ability that when stacked with all others can actually shut down something. Sci ships however...cannot.

I did a simple test with a friend. Subsystem disable shield 3 on my end (9pnts flow cap, 3 flow cap consoles mk11 blue, max aux power) vs his 100 shield power (total).

He had no deflector equipped so no bonus to insulators from it. He only had 2 points in power insulator skill.

On my end, the subsystem shield 3 power description said it should drain 93 power.
Siphon and tyken each drained well over 20 each. Plasmonic leech shouldve taken a bit as well.

Fired subsystem first on its own. he only lost 10 power. Repeated this ten times counting only the times the shield did drop due to the make sure it wasnt a fluke.. only 10 power loss each time.

wow. from 93 down to 10 with just 2 points in insulators VS my much,much higher flow cap skill. geez.

Tossed everything at him. Siphon, tyken, polaron beams, subsystem shield 3...

he never went below 30 shield power. And he was sitting in the middle of the tyken.

So yeah.. there is no balance or love for sci. escort uber alles.