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Not its not. They should only receive the highest damage from using weapons not sci abilities. They should not boost them. Period.
SAYS WHO? there is no authority who decides what makes sense or not. you (not necessarily you who im quoting) can bend over backwards all you want to justify tac buffs magically making weapons hit harder, but it makes no more scientific sense then those buffs causing tractor emitters, anomaly emitters, or what ever is casting these sci skills to deal more damage. whatever magic causes a phaser bank to hit harder has the same right to make a tractor emitter hit harder. your skills and consoles further back up how powerful these things are.

theres no difference really, the device on your ships that cast these sci skills are no different then a more conventional weapon bank. what class should deal the most damage in every ship? tac. which class should control and debuff the best in any ship? sci. those fundamental truths are at least functioning correctly. arbitrarily removing the tac effect from those energy and knetic sci skills would destroy an interesting synergy, and make a tac sci more useless then an eng scort.

use your scis correctly, follow the advise of the folks talking about how to make sci captains hurt, and stop being jellos of tacs. the damage output of tacs at their best is less then half as powerful as heals at their best. all they can do is shoot hoping to get somewere, they have no way to counter impenetrable defense. you do.
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I just wanted to say, I've never seen a more disturbing avatar
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