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03-21-2013, 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by benovide View Post
In April KDF is getting a full content overhaul. At least that's what's been stated, unless they are blowing smoke.

There is also content from the Romulans that can be crossed over Klingon Side.

I don't care to play from level 1 again as a Klingon, since I'm level 47 as it is on my main KDF. I look forward to the Tholian STFs and new Tholian Space Set, though.
The whole point of having a level 1 starting point is to help increase KDF numbers. Having the faction be an option to play right out the starting gate, combined with a UI that's easier on the eyes, should go some way towards increasing KDF numbers, or at least keeping them the same after some KDF players decide to switch to primarily Romulan. If KDF numbers increase at least a little bit, that gives the KDF a little more leverage when it comes to inquiring about new content, etc.

I'd settle for a distribution like this: Federation 50%, KDF 25%, Romulan 25%. It will likely be a little less balanced in the end (more like Federation 60%, KDF 20%, Romulan 20%), but that's the general balance I'm hoping will happen. Federation will hog less of the game development resources as such, since they wouldn't have the clear majority.

What's really gonna make things interesting is that the May release is probably gonna be coupled with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. If Cryptic/PWE don't half-ass the advertising and marketing, they'll get a nice boost in new players coming to the game. Combine THAT with all three factions being available for selection right from the start, and who knows where the population balance will end up?