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03-21-2013, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Look, guys, and this comes from a player that still doesn't have a Federation VA.
I have been trying to get my Andorian up, but that is going rather slowly. I am a dedicated KDF player in this game.

At this point we really should let bygones be bygones. In all honesty, as much unhappy as I am about the KDF being neglected, Cryptic went through many changes and problems in the past and I guess they did what they thought to be the best to keep the game allive. As far as I can see, it worked. Now, standing at much more stable ground and their dev. team doubled they can do more. That they couldn't do something in the past does not mean that they won't be able to do it in the future.

At this moment, we have no proof that they wont deliver. And all I've seen so far seems very positive for everyone in this game. Well.....maybe except the Feds. - imagine the whining of having to deal with 2 factions that can cloak their ships! lol

They said the KDF will become a full faction before any new faction. Being able to start as lvl 1 seems to me that they plan to deliver on it. Mind you, I don't expect any other faction to be as "full" as the Federation is. So, we really don't have to hold any grudges for the RR over this.

And I really don't want to read posts against the Romulan faction on this side of the forums.
It is their job, as some of the Romulan fans stated that they wish the KDF would cease to exist. They're the spies, liars and deceivers, so let them do it.
We're the honorable ones. And as such, I'm happy for all the true Romulan fans that finally got what they've been fighting for over the last 3 years.
I welcome a Romulan faction in PvP. More enemies to shoot at. Blowing up Federation space whales gets old after a while. Time to start blowing up Warbirds