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Originally Posted by yargomesh View Post
The main reason why standard borg are weak defensively is because of their size. On cubes and higher a cruiser can both broadside and fire non-wide angle torpedo's at them. They are also really slow and/or stationary meaning you can't miss. Sphere's are surprisingly the most dangerous standard Borg due to having speed, relatively small size and a Cube's tricks. (Shield Neutralizer and Assimilate Ship.)
Being huge and stationary and huge is certainly something that I take advantage of when fighting cubes in my support cruiser, but the fact that I've seen escorts solo and obliterate cubes in Khitomer Space: Elite (Or Khitomer Vortex: Elite, if you prefer) is a little disheartening, since I really get the impression by the level design that you're supposed to gang two ships up on those.
That said, yeah, the spheres probably are the scariest ship in the Borg arsenal. I'm pretty sure that in Hive Onslaught, the spheres are just as big of a threat as the tactical cubes!

Originally Posted by yargomesh View Post
To clarify this statement above, that's not a 'High Yield Photon Torpedo attack' that's her Scimitar's 'Cascading Biogenic Pulse' a Thalaron weapon. Nice big tell and nice big damage if you don't get out of the green stuff. She unfortunately also has access to Torpedo Spread III, so you might have gotten confused.
No, I did mean what I wrote. The Cascading Biogenic Pulse (so that's what it's called! My client always calls it "an unknown ability." :P) is a pretty well-made one-shot (when she doesn't cheat!), but I actually was referring to her high-yield photon torpedoes there. She'll unleash a salvo of three or four photon torpedoes from time to time that hit like a freight train. Then again, my perspective is a bit skewed by the fact that I fly an escort and a low-resistance support cruiser, so it may be less one-shotty than I believed.
If it can be ridden out and tanked by a cruiser with some extra heal-support, that's awesome-- anything that favors a role other than DPS is to be encouraged, after all.

... that said, yeah. The trademarked Borg torps-fall-everyone-dies spread is an insanely obnoxious ability when it one-shots half the party every 30-60 seconds.

That doesn't necessarily mean it needs to do less damage, per se. For instance, if the cooldown on that spread was cranked up to eleven so that a vigilant science captain could keep it offline by regular applications of subnucleonic beam, I wouldn't really have that much of a problem with it.
If it gave a tell before murdering the party, perhaps everyone could get away from the one doomed person, who would have a brief window to brace and throw every defensive switch on his HUD into the PANIC! position (or for a sci to use Scramble Sensors and hope for friendly fire).
Alternatively, yeah, one could just tone down the damage so that an escort can survive if (and only if!) it's braced. That could certainly work just fine as long as the spread's recharge time is also on a 60-second-or-so cooldown.

I dunnow-- those could all be terrible ideas. I'm just throwing them out there.
*Shrugs* It's what I do.