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# 1 Tour the Galaxy - No Rewards?
03-21-2013, 05:32 PM
Today, at the 7:00 PM Tour the Universe event, I decided to do the mission for the first time on my level 32 Saurian capt. I went to Yim, got the "Tour the Galaxy" mission, then beamed to my ship. I went through every sector as instructed, and after I hit every sector of a block, the mission gave me credit. After the last one, the mission finished, and instructed me to head back to Yim. I went back and turned the thing in. I had about 18 minutes left, give or take.

The trouble is, I didn't get any energy credits for any part of the mission. Not when I finished entire sector blocks, nor after the mission finished.

What could I have done wrong? Does the first time never give ECs? Or do I have to do multiple laps to get anything? Maybe I need to do the mission on the difficult setting...?

I'm confused.

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