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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
A martial artist can take a certain stance to increase the damage they do with their fists, feet, elbows, knees, etc - with weapons they might be wielding.

A martial artist can shout a kiai to also increase the above damage.

Give the martial artist a beaker full of acid...and...neither their stance nor any shout is going to increase the damage of that acid.

A sniper can take up a certain position to increase their chance of landing a more damaging shot.

A sniper can regulate their breathing to increase their chance of landing a more damaging shot.

No matter how the sniper positions themselves nor how they regulate their breathing...will they increase the acidity of the acid in a beaker if you give it to them.

A tank commander can inspire his crew...
A tank commander cannot inspire the acid in a beaker...

Everybody is aware of how fragile Tacs are because of their extraordinary egos and the need to feel special compared to everybody else...but it's a far cry from saying that they need to be nerfed doing XYZ which they should be doing and saying that...well, it's acid in a beaker - like WTF?

edit: Now if that martial artist had a degree in chemistry...that would definitely be cool to see what he or she could do.
your analogies completely fail. there is no opportunity to apply a personal touch like there would be fireing a gun or mixing chemicals. there are 500 layers of technology between the person pressing the button and the effect, be it an energy beam or a repulsing tractor beam. there is a complete reliance on the vast technology to do everything on its own, other then activate itself. the skill points arent even skill points, its really how reenforced particular systems are on your ship, how big your particle generator is or what ever.

theres no way to explain how tac buffs can magically make weapons deal an extra 50% to twice their damage, just as theres no way to explain how they effect things that arent a beam, cannon or torpedo. trying to draw some line or distinction is a laughable cause.

you know what the difference between the button that fires weapon and the button that fires a tractor beam? nothing, other then its label or color. thanks to the magic of video games, a damage multiplier is applied to each, by the captain who's only role is to apply the most damage.

tacs make damage harderest, deal with it. get over your sci inferiority complex.
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