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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Let me real quick list a few of the difference between STO and CoH and why they are not applicable to one another. Just a few.

1) No resource system. We have no mana, no energy, nothing like that. This is such a huge difference it is not even funny.

2) No hyper-specialization. In CoH a tank could mitigate double the amount of damage a blaster could. If you really think cruisers can take double the punishment of escorts you need to start doing some math. Escorts by themselves cannot even deal double the damage of a cruiser if the cruiser can pack DHCs or is properly min/max out with beams.

3) No exclusive capabilities. In CoH many toons lacked the ability to do something, be it a form of CC, debuff, buff, heal, etc etc. In STO every ship has at minimum enough ensign/lt slots to cover the basics that it will want/need.

Finally if you 'force' people to bring tanks you end up with one of two situations.

1) Only uber skilled/geared players can partake in the content via premades
2) Escorts that are properly setup will tank it anyway.

The difference in sustain and EHP between my steamrunner and a standard cruiser is about the same as the difference you see taking a standard Mk 10 purple shield and replacing it with a Mk 12 Maco.

O and the comment about them all having the same exact EHP, that was in reference to the base ships without buffs being applied to them. And guess what, I'm pretty sure an APO + EPTS 1 + Tac Team grants me more survivability than EPTS 3 + Tac Team. I would throw in an extra ensign engineer ability for the cruiser for sustain but yeah Tac team trumps Eng team.

Content changes will not fix the problem. Your options are to abandon the out-dated concepts of tanks and healers like the ARPG genre has already and instead focus on other things or the entire game would need a redesign. Although in the end it matters not what we think/suggest/etc as I don't really think it makes any difference.