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03-21-2013, 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by orangeitis View Post
Today, at the 7:00 PM Tour the Universe event, I decided to do the mission for the first time on my level 32 Saurian capt. I went to Yim, got the "Tour the Galaxy" mission, then beamed to my ship. I went through every sector as instructed, and after I hit every sector of a block, the mission gave me credit. After the last one, the mission finished, and instructed me to head back to Yim. I went back and turned the thing in. I had about 18 minutes left, give or take.

The trouble is, I didn't get any energy credits for any part of the mission. Not when I finished entire sector blocks, nor after the mission finished.

What could I have done wrong? Does the first time never give ECs? Or do I have to do multiple laps to get anything? Maybe I need to do the mission on the difficult setting...?

I'm confused.
You should be receiving scaling rewards as you clear each stage of the event. Sounds like it did not function as intended for you.

If you didn't already do so, you should file a bug report. Hopefully this was a one-off issue and future races will properly reward you, but you should still file the paperwork just in case.