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Ahh, memories

I think my only problem with Tacs boosting sci power damage doesn't lie with the Tac Captains, but rather with the fact that S5 and the new skill tree took away the ability for Sci captains to boost their own powers in any meaningful way. Anyone remember the ST3, SciFleet combo? It could make anything you fired off ,with the buffs active, absolutely devastating. I believe that sci captains in sci ships should be able to do something devastating, with their boff abilities, every once in a while. ...

FIX Science power in general first to bring them back to what they where before f2p.

This will make sci captain better, and maybe give sci captain another buff bigger than sci fleet to boost sci power.

Then look at tact effect sci.

Till then, if they remove Tact effect sci power , all sci ship would then be 100% useless in anything.

Sto Is like a house of cards if they take something away it make so many more things usless if they build more structure then they can take piece away more effectivly.

;and yes ST+ Sfleet, old shield stripper 12k , grav well that where like black wholes. Sto was a lot more fun back then, now its just dumb DHC builds
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