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03-21-2013, 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
I give a whole hearted thank you to the Cryptic team for coming through for the KDF. We can now start at lvl 1 which was one of the main hindrances to the KDF faction and was one of the reasons for our low numbers over here. I truly appreciate all the hard work everyone at Cryptic put in to make this happen.
We can? I must have missed that patch...

Or were you referring to the throwaway line on the Legacy of Romulus page that has no other mention of the KDF or indeed pictures or information of what this 1-50 KDF experience will be?

I'm hoping they'll do a good job but don't raise your hopes too high just yet - we've been here before after all - I guess we'll all know soon enough but for me at least, it's a little premature to be thanking Cryptic - encouraging them maybe...
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