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My next entry is two short stories because that's the cool thing to do.

Part 1, "Dishonoring the Dead," shows T'Panna's promotion to first officer. It also gave me an excuse to write a combat scene and a news article, which were two things I wanted to do.

Part 2, "A New Name," deals with an important issue - how can I have a Luna-class Odyssey when there is a new ship class (and first of the line ship) with the same name? The answer is simple - the Admiralty stole the name from my ship and gave it to the new one. This story also deals with the fallout from security chief Yair Hillel's encounter with the Prophets (and subsequent less-than-stellar behavior that leads to an assignment change).

Here is a timeline for my stories:

  • Odyssey, a Luna-class science vessel, launched
  • Odyssey qualifies for a ten-year refit. It never happens.
  • April: T'Panna joins the Odyssey crew as second officer / head science officer
  • September: "Backstory for ch'Raul and Jarvis" part 1 (LC 40) - ch'Raul's birthday surprise and attempt to save a wounded Jem'Hadar from suicide
  • February: "Dishonoring the Dead" (LC 40) - first officer Heather Eldredge killed in combat, T'Panna promoted to first officer
  • March: Lieutenant Travis Parker killed by Orion pirates during an archeology planetary visit. This troubles Carter, who had taken a personal interest in Parker's professional development (or lack thereof).
  • April: Carter and T'Panna begin an intimate relationship. "Unwilling Participants" (LC 27) - Section 31 steals the Odyssey.
  • May: "Section 31's Second Call" (LC 33) - Section 31 forces Carter to meet with Romulan informant; "Leaving New Romulus" (LC 35) - Carter discusses divorce with his wife; Section 31 thanks him for his services
  • June: "Mayhem on Deck 13" (LC 36) - crew becomes aware that Section 31 has perfected humanoid cloning
  • July: "Revenge for Lieutenant Parker" (LC 37, Mirror universe) - Section 31 uses Carter to kill Gorn ambassador, then tries to replace him with a clone
  • August: "Miles O'Brien's Funeral" (LC38) - Hillel's encounter with Prophets; "Lost" (LC 39) - Hillel deals with psychological effects from his encounter with the Prophets; "Backstory for ch'Raul and Jarvis (LC 26, Senior Officers)" part 2 (LC 40) - introduce relationship between Jarvis and Carpenter
  • September: "A New Name" (LC 40) - Odyssey is renamed Reaper since Starfleet is launching the Odyssey class vessel; Hillel is now beta shift captain instead of security chief

Crew (still haven't figured out all the casting yet):

Captain Everitt Carter (human male)
  • Mitch Pileggi
  • Age: 57
  • Bald, goatee
First officer: T'Panna
  • Minka Kelly with slightly pointed ears
  • Age: mid-30s
  • Named after Vulcan grandmother
  • Is 1/4 human
Operations: Glotz (Denobulan male)
Helm: Lt. Alastair Simeon (human male)
Lt. Parker (human male)
  • Science officer
  • Rebellious
  • Killed off
Counselor: Commander ch'Raul (Andorian chaan, which is male)
  • Doctorate doctorate in clinical psychology, and a second one in pantheistic religions
Doctor: Evans (human male, British)
Chief Engineer Miguel Jarvis (human male, Hispanic)
  • Dating Amanda Carpenter
Lt. Amanda Carpenter (human female)
  • Gets demoted from Gamma shift acting captain
Librarian: Alice (photonic).
  • Intentionally appears as a teenager
  • Ellen Page
Security: Lt. Cmdr. Hillel (human male, Middle Eastern descent)
  • Middle Eastern
  • Wife Isabella (Olga Kurylenko)
  • 4 year old daughter

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