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Originally Posted by djdamc View Post
Is it my imagination or is almost everyone trying to propose not-so-obvious-at-first-glance buffs to escorts' defensive capabilities and survivability? Getting points into Threat Control or using a healboat build is even now balancing at the edge of being totaly idiotic and very rarely useful (in PvE)... We should be trying to come up with ways of making all ship and player classes useful, even necessary, in a PvE team, not just pushing the game even further into Escorts Online Oblivion...
Oh dear, I was hoping that what I had come up with might be some small help to tanks and maybe even the beleaguered science vessels.

I had hoped that the first possible fix (debuffing the heck out of recharge time on the spread) would be granting people who were at least running science captains a role, since the idea is to make the spread hard-countered by Subnucleonic Beam.

The thought I had with the second possibility, of the obvious-tell-and-target-indication-before-firing, would allow a high-resistance cruiser to tank the torp spread by keeping the Borg ship's attention and activating every defensive ability it's got to pull through, while everyone else gets the heck away from it before the torps launch.
If a tank isn't keeping the Borg's attention when it's ready to fire it's death-spread, the escort gets a brief tell informing him that he is so dead, and give him one to two seconds to contemplate this fact.

The third thought I had of just debuffing the damage so that a braced escort could barely survive it if at full shields and hull (which is not presently the case) is the easiest possibility of the three and my least favorite, admittedly. But if I understand durability scaling correctly, the escort is SOL if it's damaged in any meaningful way (requiring that cruisers and science vessels provide regular heal-support like they're supposed to), a science vessel should be able to pull through fairly easily if braced or at full shields and hull, and a tank-cruiser should be... okay. Not great, but okay. It's then dependent on the heal-boats to do their thing so the escorts don't properly detonate when the borg activate their Beam: Fire At Will power (I've noticed cubes, tactical cubes, and unimatricies are quite fond of this power).

That was my thinking, anyway. If my understanding of the numbers and scaling is wrong, then that might explain why my attempts to encourage tanks and heal-boats turned into a stealth-buff for escorts.
The current implementation of the Borg torp-spread-of-doom serves no one. It kills science vessels, escorts, and non-tank cruisers immediately and with no way to avoid it, while its wide firing arc makes it near-impossible to "tank" the torp spread in a way that keeps the rest of the party safe.

If my ideas would be counter-productive, I really do appreciate being told this-- and I love details of why when possible. Otherwise, I don't learn. :P
What would be your proposal?