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Originally Posted by miri2 View Post
She'll unleash a salvo of three or four photon torpedoes from time to time that hit like a freight train.
Ah, that. I forget she also has High Yield as I'm usually very busy maintaining distance and shield strength that I usually attribute those to what the 'Invisible Torpedo Spread of Doom' is supposed to be. Yeah it does a lot of damage but it usually only kills me because I've weathered a bit of damage already.

Honestly the only suggestion I had an issue with was 'scaling the damage down' bit. The first suggestion of debuffing is only an issue because the Borg tend to ignore anything that isn't an insane Power Drain build. It works fairly well on non-borg enemies, or the assimilated Borg ships in Cure Space.

The Tell attacks are already there and the 'tell' for a Torpedo Barrage of Doom is usually 'I just activated Torpedo Spread/High Yield' which tends to get buried in the other myriad of buffs/debuffs on your current target. In my mind that's not a 'I'm telling you I'm going to One Shot you' it's a 'Oh snap, those torpedos are going to do a lot of damage. Brace for Impact!'
I suppose the main issue with that is the debuffs/buffs display is quite limited.