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Originally Posted by paradise1killer View Post
;and yes ST+ Sfleet, old shield stripper 12k , grav well that where like black wholes. Sto was a lot more fun back then, now its just dumb DHC builds
Well that's debatable... I'm not sure the 4+ sci teams need to make any sort of come back.

I think that is where a lot of the "sour grapes" comes from. (and I am not singling out anyone on that). At one time not that long ago Sci was very overpowered. Sci fleet was a joke, Stripping was out of control. (I'm sorry but the ability to 100% remove 45k worth of shielding in 3-5s was game breaking in a bad way... people complain about the dumb mines now... that is exactly what it was like with every sci ship popping a CPB3 tachyon combo)

I know some claim Cryptic went to far with 50% resists... but I will say in there defense if you forget about the QQ and just build your sci ship... you find the 50% isn't really that bad... strip builds still work mostly... drain builds due to issues with tykens blow, really though a TR fix still won't fix the issue with hazards simply wiping power drains completely. Gravity well... isn't near as bad as people claim... there was a time when it was basicly broken and I think people long for being able to slot one and spend no points at all on it. GW with 9 points in and a console or 2 does its job very well. (as long as you don't try to snare omega burning escorts with it)

Is SCI as strong as it was a year ago... NO... is that bad though. I don't think so. Frankly pre F2P and resists but post Sci Fleet it was laughably over powered to be flying a sci sci.

As it is Sci Sci is a great anti escort ship. Its easier for an average player to do a escort better then a sci sci... so its not shocking you see 3 escorts for every half decent sci ship. Still pretty much any premade is likely to have more Sci Sci then Tac Scorts... and NO that isn't simply because its an extra nuke. 1 Sci Ship can shut down pretty much any escort... a really well played sci ship can shut down 2.

No one wants to see 5 man sci teams with Mine nests and CPB x 5s again... I for one am glad Cryptic has implemented a check to that idea... Mines work better these days... CPB is still powerful with out being an Iwin button. (lets face it its the only way to strip shields that ignores resists even if it can be resisted by 50% at times)
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