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03-21-2013, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by sgtstarfall View Post
Even with an Aux2Bat build, DEM doesn't do enough bleedthrough damage to make it worthwhile, especially on a cruiser. Any decent build nowadays have at least some sort of self-heal ability, whether it be HE, ET, Aux2SIF, etc.

The only time DEM is actually useful is if you put it on a DHC escort and kick it up to finish an opponent that throws up the "oh sh*t button" RSP Boff ability.
Now days you can get "straight to hull" damage through a passive in the Rep system. That makes DEM even more useless because that proc can be more deadly.

You are 100% right about DEM though. It deals so pathetically little damage that unless you are firing it on a serious cannon rapid fire barrage and stack on other DoT's and direct to Hull damage even the natural regen is likely to overwhelm DEM. You are FAR better off just getting their shields down and plugging them with a death shot from a Torp like everyone else does.