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03-21-2013, 11:05 PM
Let's look at their NPC performance as a basis...(AND because Cryptic needs this faction to SELL!!! so balance goes out the airlock.)

RomBop: the "Light Cruiser" of the RSE, that ship we first saw way lo many years ago in TOS of Star Trek, I suspect a turn rate in the 15 to 20 range (depending on level), with a Shield mod of .9 to 1.2, this ship's probably closer to a hybrid between the Bird of Prey (Klingon) and Federation Science ships. Likely gonna get 5 seats, with a Commander tac or Commander Eng, no universals, but an optimum setup for the escort role, with escort weapons and escort layout-and Sensor analysis, Beam target subsystems built in, at T5/Fleet version, expect to see 11 consoles.

Cosmetic 'balance' item?: No DC/DHC mounting

Based on NPC turn-rates, this ship is closer to a Battlecruiser than it is to an Escort. Figure it'll have a turn rate at the low end of 13 and a high end of 17.

11 consoles here too(3/3/5)

, with 5 seats and two of them will be Commander seating (tac and eng). Since 100% of Mogai encountered as opponents use APA, it's reasonable to presume this ship will come with that as an inherent ability. Hull will likely be in the 35K range with a Shield mod of 1 to 1.5 base.

Cosmetic 'Balance' pass? It only mounts 4 weapons up front, and it's slower than a Bugship.

D'Derex (Warbird):
Dready-dready-dreadnought stats. No DC/DHC, but GREAT seating. Commander/LTC Sci with a CDR Tac, LTC Engineer, Lt. Engineer, Ens. Universal.

11 Console slots(2/5/4), 4 Item slots, 1 Hangar slot

Turn rate sucks though-7 to 9 range. inherent special ability is that Rommy rep Plasma torp squirter.


Cosmetic Balance item: Can not mount DHC.

45000 hull, 5 forward/3 aft weapons layout, "Pulse" weapon (as seen with Donatra), Turn rate 4, Seating:

Cdr. Tac
LtC Eng.
LT Uni

12 consoles (4/4/4)

Carrier Pets (2 hangars)

Enhanced Battlecloak.

Cosmetic "balance" pass: $50 price-tag (10 Fleet modules), Character bound.

as you can no doubt see, I'm a pessimistic cuss.
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