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# 1 Anyone ever play BSG?
03-21-2013, 11:06 PM
I was in the open Beta.

The Game was Horrible, The grinding was horrible, and I was bored with it after only a week. Bored of having my Asteroid stolen by higher-ups. Tired of random bots spawning to kill me just as I'd finally caught a resource break. It was a horrible mess of grind grind grind.


If there was one thing I DID like from the game, It was the way their PVP was set up.

For those who have never played it: Basically the WHOLE system was a PVP area. At any time an armada of player fleets could form together and invade the other sides space to take control of that sector.

In order to do so, You'd of had to destroy the defending sides flagship. Once that was done, the system was yours as long as you could hold it.

Granted, STO is ALOT bigger than BSG, But I feel that The same PVP style could be adapted into sto.

Maybe A new sector block, Where Feds/Klingons can duke it out for control over the systems. Or something of that nature.

To me that would feel like an Actual space war. And it would open up a tremendous amount of opportunities for Fleets as well. Partnerships, Allegiances, Building.

Thats just the type of PvP style I'd like to see intrigated. Anyone else think it could work?