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03-22-2013, 12:01 AM
@cmdrscarlet -

A very interesting little piece! I've always thought confrontation was more revealing of character than cooperation. You offered several fascinating glimpses into Captain Beringer and her security chief. I look forward to seeing them in action!

@stellardrift -

Ouch. Time travel makes my head hurt.

But I love this multigenerational rivalry you're crafting!

@marcusdkane -

Very well-written as always. I suppose it could be said that when it comes to Captain Palmer, that one should always expect the unexpected! She certainly seems to have a gift for lateral thinking and apply innovative solutions to difficult problems.

@shevat -

Another fascinating piece! I loved your Jolciots, though I'm sure they'd quickly drive my own characters insane. I also enjoyed the bit of Nietzsche that seemed to seep in when Admiral Shohl started to reflect on their predicament.

@superhombre -

Part 1 -

Very good writing! And yeah, when it comes to journalists, some things never change. They were sensationalizing war stories 200 years ago - there's no reason to imagine the same won't be true 400 years from now. I'm also liking the different facets to Captain Carpenter's personality that you display.

Part 2 -

Really enjoyed the little rivalries among the crew in this one! Again, well done.
- Edit: And thanks for the timeline and personnel roster above. It really helped me to assemble your past stories with these in a coherent narrative.

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