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03-22-2013, 12:46 AM
Originally Posted by janusforbeare View Post
The problem with BSGO's PVP system was that the Colonials outnumbered the Cylons 3:1. I played redside, and it was a constant scramble to try to hold even 40% of the map.

STO would have the same problem. Blueside players vastly outnumber redside. "Open world" PVP would be a one-sided slaughter.
They could maybe fix that problem by putting a limiter on how many vessels are aloud to operate in that sector. like maybe 120 ship limit per side.
Each player inside the PVP sector could be aloud 3 lives within it before he was effectivly written off as "K.I.A" And removed from the sector to allow another player access.

If you want to get in but it's full, Then you'd Que up and be added to the list. Once a player losses all his lives, or leaves the sector, the next person on the list will have a minutes notice to warp into sector before the opportunity is passed to another.

And if they wanted to work this into a canon/w.e way, They could have some story about how star fleet/klingons can only spare so many ships in the sector. (because lets be honest they wouldn't send ALL their fleet to just one sector when I space war is on) And every time a ship is destroyed (loses three lives), reinforcements are brought in. (new player).

This is just me brainstorming idea. But I think it could work.