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03-22-2013, 01:05 AM
As far as stripping/dropping shields...

Elite Fleet Disruptors (both a HDR and a SDR debuff)
Tet Glider

I fought two guys in Krenns using that...did far more shields go poof than a Sci with CPB/Tach Beam/Tach Mines. You stay out of range of the Sci, you easily break the arc on Tac Beam, you just destroy the mines.

Course, Feds can't do that - with most folks fighting FvF - because they hate the KDF drain stuff, they may not even realize what they can do with shield destruction. Course, you could work that into it as well, eh?

Elite Fleet Disruptors
Tet Glider
Siphon Drones
Aceton Assimilators

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