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03-22-2013, 01:09 AM
I agree that it's possible to build working mechanics for it, but the disparate number of players on either side make things tricky. I considered the ship cap myself when I first replied, but I can still see some potential problems with it:

1. Just because there's a maximum number of ships allowed in a combat zone, doesn't mean that equal numbers will show up. Feds could find 60 ships for a zone much more easily than Klingons could. The end result would be the same as unrestricted open-world PVP: a one-sided battle.

Cryptic could try to combat this by instituting a minimum number of ships per zone before a battle begins, but then you essentially have the same PVP system already in place. Also, queues can really be a b**** sometimes.

2. The number of players online fluctuates drastically depending on the time and day of the week. 120 players (I know that's a ballpark figure; I'm just running with it for now) might be tough to find at certain hours, and nowhere nearly big enough at others. If you open up the possibility of multiple instances of the same battle, how do you calculate who gets the territory? It can be done, but it involves a lot of foresight on the part of the devs.

That said, the original GW did a good job of that with Cantha province. I'm sure the problem isn't insurmountable, just complicated.

Anyways, territorial PVP would be a welcome addition to the game. It's just such a big can of worms that I think it would have to be the centerpiece of an entire season, at the very least. If the concept were rushed, and/or the complexities not given enough consideration, it would end up being a wasted effort ignored by the playerbase.

The devs have mentioned considering the concept in the past, so with the recent additions to the dev team and the precedent being set (presumably) by the Rommy update, maybe the idea will gain traction again.