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03-22-2013, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by mrkollins View Post
What you call 'cheap endgame content' is the BEST ENDGAME CONTENT.

Just watch LoL, BF3, SC II, etc, why do you think that these games are the best? for their missions against the A.I. or PvP?
Starcraft II is a RTS. And since i'm a big fan of the genre, i can't disagree. RTS only make sense against players. But in STO? not so much. Arena looks like an horrible space FPS and i really don't like that. I'd rather play something around gathering resources, tactical elements, with some game cards elements (like support NPCs)... It would be a sort of MOBA and i can enjoy this. Badly design space pew pew sucks. MOBA games don't.

This is why i'm a fan of kerrat by the way. So, as long as PvP is a MOBA and not a poor space FPS I'm ok, but that's definitely not what it is, so don't change kerrat, rewards, and so on. But seriously, pvp would need a complete overhaul, because arena-style is FUBAR in this game, so unless they get rid of this and include major PvE elements in it it's not worth it.

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