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03-22-2013, 02:32 AM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Have you seen a D'Deridex use single canons in this game ?
No .
Have you seen a D'Deridex use dual beams in the show ?
No .

Do we have any consistency with the show ?
No .
I've only seen the NPCs use beams, just like every NPC Federation Cruiser.
[And yes they should move the DBB mounts away from the nacelles.
That looked stupid on the player Prometheus and it does on the Warbirds.]
And what can Federation Cruisers in this game use?
Dual Beams and Single Cannons.
So what exactly is your problem now?

*EDIT: you know as well I do that every ship in this game will end up with the ability to use Single cannons and Dual Beams*

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