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03-22-2013, 03:57 AM
Well. Apparently we finally agree on something Admiral. And I applaud your idea. But I must point out that many captains here are bound by the oath they took at SFA to uphold the Prime Directive. And they will uphold it, no matter the cost. I have seen it too many times, in too many ways. I have seen too many faces of those who were lost in the name of that antiquated document. During a time of peace, something like that is a wonderful thing. Something that you can live by, swear by, and uphold with honor and loyalty. But during war, something like the Prime Directive is merely an obstacle, nothing more.

However, I stand by what I have said earlier. The Imperial-Class Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit as of current stands as possibly the best cruiser type ship for combating enemies of the Federation. She is heavily armed and armored, is well endowed in both the Structural Integrity Field and Shield System areas, and is very tactically inclined for a cruiser type ship. She maneuvers well enough that even the vaunted KDF Tor'kahts have difficulty staying on her tail, and can take enough punishment that not even the dreaded Romulan Scimitars can destroy one without one hell of a fight.

Until the Typhoon-Class Battleship is released to our field officers for every-day combat missions, I stand by the Imperial. I currently have one in my task force, the USS Devastator, and she has proven her worth time and time again on the field of battle, against all enemies of the Federation, ranging from the KDF, to the Tal Shiar, from the Tholians to the Breen, from the Borg to the Undine, and even from the Dominion to the Terran Empire. With her power, and my battle hardened crew, I never feel ill at ease, for she has never failed me, and I doubt she ever will.
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