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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
unless your runing a dot or trans build, expect to deal next to no damage as a sci/sci. but thats fine, you should be seting up kills, thats your job, the damage you cause will neveer be enough to make a difference, so dont bother trying to deal any. control instead

VM- ruination of escorts or anything that doesnt have ET

PSW- puts a stop to TBs, TBR, tach beam, ES, EWP, and any other skill that has a duration like that

GW- an aoe hold that can hold pretty well with proper specing, the doff seems to work great too.

TBR- the push is what maters with a sci. get someone away from a healer and have the escorts pounce on them

you also got SNB and scan, the 2 greatest kill setup skills in the game. your escort friends take it from here.

if tac skills stopped buffing skills that deal energy or kinetic damage, there would never be a reason for a tac to fly a sci, that synergy would not exist. wile it can be entertaining to have damage buffed GW, PSW, FBP, and TBR, your not going to destroy anyone like you will in an escort, and your a sci ship on the field without an SNB and scan and sci fleet and the aoe resist thing.

sci captains seem to take it real personal when tac captains can deal more damage with THEIR skills. forgetting that its in no way a sci captains job to contribute to team success by dealing damage. any that a sci captain deals is just gravy.
the problem is that there are too many skills that give immunity to those skills, vm is useless now with human boffs as well as psw, yeah, tacticals boosting kinetic its ok for me, but not fdp

and about cpb, tachyon beams, they really suck, i mean, really, with flow caps maxed, using a lvl 3 cpb boosted by 4 flow caps consoles, i cant reach 5k shield strip, that, plus, power insulators of the enemy or power insulators consoles, makes a 5k skill to go down to 1k or 1.5k, that's nothing even for a boff, dual heavy cannons can do that with 1 hit, i wonder how it would go with tachyon beam beeing a 45arc skill, or a cpb 1/tb 1, i just cant find a use to them... they are just too weak

repulsors are ok, the dmg is poor but the mine clearing is fine
energy syphon is the best one i can find for pvp, but that will require aux maxed to do something, again, power insulators reduce its drain to half
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude

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