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03-22-2013, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Meh, there's too much passive aggressive aggro and outright aggro in this thread.

It's one of those things where there are really more than two sides to the discussion, multiple sides to the two sides if you will - and - well, there's a tendency for things to get applied to members of the other side that aren't particularly members of that particular subgroup on the other side. Kind of like most discussions, it's not so black and white - and - mud meant for Tom gets slung at Jerry even though Jerry doesn't agree with Tom on certain things...etc, etc, etc.
tom's gotta admit jerry is better, because jerry is the favourit in the cartoon, just the way tacs are in sto.

shield stripping sucks, tacs can do better without having to go 125 aux, spending points in flow caps, just get some tach mines or something and boost their mechanical devices by implementing tac's mind power.

i can't live with this, really, how can someone be a sci and be fine with this ? apo is just immune to everything, while we get our skills nerfed, viral matrix and psw sucks now with human boffs, leaving me with fbp that can be boosted better by tacs, and energy syphon that is reduced to half by power insulators and can't disable a thing, that, again, tacticals can do better if they get a carrier with syphon drones
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude