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03-22-2013, 03:37 AM
I have a problem with a GTX680M 4GB, It's trying to run DX11 and doing a very poor job.

I'm having a lot of fps lag spikes on all detail levels and its running the card very hot.

I've tried rolling back to several legacy drivers to no avail and reducing gpu/cpu use in troubleshooting only helps a little with the overheating.

I'm also missing the option to set the game to run DX9 and no combination of trouble shooting settings is helping.

With AA many of the post processing options are greyed out and after a while I get a out of VRAM crash.

I've tried forcing DX9 by editing the CFG file but its defaulting back to DX11.

In areas with a lot of players and systems with a lot of asteroids lag spikes are making the game unplayable, with /fpsgraph 1 running I'm getting purple spikes every time I move the camera or rotate.

Also the forums wont let me start a new thread to address the problem hence Im posting here.