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03-22-2013, 04:00 AM
yesterday i was testing the effect of photonick shockwave and its disable as a viable option for pvp, that, of course, ended as a deception because the disable is ... well, there is not any disable, at least a disable that will let me to get that window of oportunity to do damage directly into the hull, because it doesnt disable shields, useless science skills ... aff, well, and my brother had a theta and i decided to use it against my vesta and see what happens... after my crew going to 0, i went to check out my hull repair and loled a lot,
human trait is leadership, incentivating the crew to repair the ship faster, but if there is no crew, what is there to incentivate ?

tested ship haves 750 crew, no biofunction and no khg passive with 5 human boffs

in combat : 163% in combat with all crew
146% without crew
out of combat : 280% hull repair rate with all crew
175% without crew

now without human boffs, same ship, without biofunction consoles or khg passive

in combat: 63% with all crew
46% without crew
out of combat: 140% with all crew
75% without crew

it just adds 100% hull repair even if you are out of crew, giving much more benefit to ships with less crew cap

isn't that op ? considering that an escort now can have a constant hazard emmiters on. causing it to tank almost as much as a cruiser or a carrier that is without human boffs or any crew? carriers are almost impossible to kill with 5 human boffs, of course if you are not tactical.
and what about klingons ? whats the effect this has on pvp ? i haven't thought about it, because i thought the repair rate given by human boffs was proportional to the %crew of the ship, but even with 0 crew i had almost 150% crew repair in combat, thats very stupid and unfair for ship with lots of crew, and incredibly op for ships with less ammounts of crew, compensating their lack of crew and suposed lack of hull repair

how it should be :
for example if you have a ship with 1000 crew, you are getting a 100% extra repair rate
but if you lost 500 crew, the human boffs should only give 50% repair rate
and if you are out of crew, the human boffs shouldnt give any repair rate (making the ammount of crew on the ship to matter again, just the way its suposed to be, not .king overpowering escorts)

each human boff provides 20% hull repair rate and 20% subsystem repair ( subsystem repair reaching 100% plus inertial dampers, that's a 150% resistance to disables, countering a Lot science disables and phaser procs, of course. )

that is a total of 100% repair rate, and that should be if you are 100% on crew, the 100% repair rate given by human boffs should be 100% based on the % of live crew you have on your ship

because the way it is right now is pretty op, making escorts to tank a lot, making things unbalanced to klingons, i am a fed, and i rarely play on my klingon alt, but i imagine how klingons feel about this

making human boffs to be proportional to the % of crew should fix it, if a ship is out of crew, you wont have any bonus hull repair, NOT making escorts to have more than 100% repair rate with 0 crew, regenerating more hull than a karfi with all the crew, i mean, isnt that the point of escorts having less amount of crew ? to regenerate less hull ?

but i guess this is what all people will say : "get over it man, you are a noob, learn to play as a scientist, do your incredible photonick shockwave to disable my skills for 0.1 seconds while i use my attack pattern omega that ONLY gives me dmg, resistance, turn rate, and immunity to almost all the ways you have to kill me! my jhas is good the way it is, regenerating lots of hull, and boosting all the dmg i can with my tactical captain skills, allowing me to boost feedbackpulse and repulsors better than you, causing the nerf of all your skills !"

but i dont care, i seek balance, how can you live with human boffs beeing a klingon ? knowing that your karfi isn't getting as much hull repair as your fed enemy escort out of crew ?
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude

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