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Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
now with a romulan faction is comming, they use singularity warp cores, i believe that warp cores implementation would just fit the game like a glove right now, giving cruisers what they need
But they haven't really explained the Singularity Cores any more than they've explained anything else.


Romulan captains take command of mighty Warbird Class starships. Push the engines to the limit and unleash the new and devastating powers of the Singularity Core.

Thing is, we've also got the two following things in the game:

Romulan Singularity Harness (3pc - Experimental Beam Array, Hyper-Plasma Torp, Zero-Point Energy Conduit)

Quantum Singularity Manipulation (T5 Rom Rep ability)

Given how few potential ships there appear to be for the Romulans... I mean, sure there's still 8.5 weeks or so of info they'll be giving us - but so far we've seen:


So it's basically a Starter Ship, Raider, Raptor, Battle Cruiser, Zen Raptor... one can speculate about this and that, but c'mon eh?

There's around ~86 Fed ships not counting small craft.
There's around ~62 KDF ships not counting small craft.

We've seen...6. Heck, as far as NPC ships - there's really only the Scorpions, BoP, Mogai, D'Deridex, and Scimitar that could have upgraded artwork on.

Are they going to do a pseudo KDF thing?

Raider - Raptor - Battle Cruiser - Support/Sci (Zen Store)

Where the "ship" will be the same ship as you level, but you'll get "free" upgrades and "Zen" upgrades available for each rank? Are they basically going to do with the Roms what some folks wished they had done with the Feds, eh? Allow for flying that same ship from early on through your career - just a case of spending money to upgrade the ship rather than buying a new ship - where the upgrades cost somewhat less than a ship would have (but in the end would result in more money for Cryptic)...?

Then they'll add in various "special" Zen ships - maybe do a 3pack Scimitar for the Bort/Ody thing. They'll do the Time Ship/Temporal Destroyer. Possibly looking at a Flight-Deck Cruiser, Carrier, maybe even a Heavy Raptor/Destroyer Carrier, etc, etc, etc.

Will the Fleet Versions of ships actually be Fleet Upgrade Modules for the regular ships players have had?

Two months out - there's just too much room to speculate on how everything is going to work out, eh?
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