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03-22-2013, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
We just went from the red-headed stepchild to the dog tied up in the woodshed. I'm not really seeing a lot of cause for celebration unless your being optimistic in defiance of Cryptic's historic trackrecord with Klingons.

Instead of spending the time and money to bring the KDF on par with the Federations, the developed a whole faction. Now the game will be 1 full faction, and 2 half assed factions. The reasoning is obvious, it's a cash grab for players gearing up and leveling a new alt. It doesn't actually improve the state of the game, if anything it makes it worse.
So if this upgrade didn't include the Romulans at all, and was only the KDF being able to start at level 1, encouraging people to "gear up and leveling a new alt", you wouldn't see this as a "cash grab"? Is that because existing people who didn't have KDF wouldn't bother? Or because it wouldn't be enough to attract new people to the game? And having spent the money to develop it, and not generated enough revenue to compete with the other titles in the PWE stable, the STO budget would be reduced.

By including the new faction, PWE gets to announce an expansion to the game, and get more coverage in the gaming media. And hopely expand the player base. And some of those guys may even create a KDF as their 1st character. Or maybe not even bother with a Fed character.

Now this does lead onto the quality and quantity of content for both KDF and Romulan factions. Because if it's not there, I think it will actually act as a "drag" to the game as a whole rather than as a bonus. And we are going to have to wait and see for the release.

I think this expension is the only way PWE were going to release funds to expand the KDF storyline. I think DStahl wanted to expand the KDF story, but when Dan and Cryptic costed it, I imagine PWE told him to take a hike. This would have just before his "this is a dead targ" comment. But he's found a way to get PWE to release the funds to do it.

The quality and quantity of the story missions for the 2 new factions are key. I guessing that a lot of the missions will be shared faction missions, with a few being single faction. I'm just wondering if they can create 3 separate stories that way, without it being so jarringly wrong as it has been for the KDF faction so far.