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03-22-2013, 04:25 AM
He means the build which is, at best, grossly inefficient. I don't know your budget but will assume limited.

Dump the beam arrays
Buy another phaser DHC for the front
Put the torpedo on the front/buy a better one in it's place
Buy some phasers turrets for the rear
Get some armor, whatever you can afford, into engineering
Get some shield emitter arrays into science
Get some phaser relays into tactical

None of this will cost much if you stick to Mk X or XI, common or uncommon.

You will vastly improve DPS and survivability. The build can be improved further as funds/reputation etc. permit.

You don't have to stick with phaser. As long as all the weapons type and tactical console match you can go for anything. Disruptor is pretty good all round, especially if it has some [CrtH] modifiers.