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03-22-2013, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
You do recognize that by splitting the player-base into a 3rd faction that the highly dissatisfied ranks of the Klingons will see a large % turnover to the Romulan faction, and that the KDF will in fact shrink instead of grow? Right? I mean you can't possibly think the KDF will actually grow in size after this happens?

Please, make me understand, because it's beyond my capacity to think anyone could see a rat and call it a lion.
Yes the KDF as well as the Federation will shrink some when everyone rushes out to try the new and shiny Romulan faction. I too plan on making a Romulan but does that mean I'm gonna stop playing my 3 KDF and 1 Fed toons? I've invested tons of time and substantial cash into these characters (At least the KDF toons) not to mention I've had my KDF characters since launch so although I will play a Romulan it doesn't mean I plan to delete my other characters and settle on New Romulus. You will have some that will make that their primary faction but others, after lvling a Romulan, will go back to the other factions or spend time bouncing between them. At least now new players have an option to create a KDF toon at lvl 1 which will improve our situation some.