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03-22-2013, 04:54 AM
Before you nerf the leadership boffs after they were broken for 3 years. Maybe it would be better to actually solve the whole crew element. Rght now, ships that have less cree members are actually much better in terms of natural hull regen. Right now, ships like IDIOTIC BUG SHIPS, profit from leadership boffs much more than cruisers or carriers for example.

Having 1000 crew is actually disadvantage.

There are also some bugs I have documented during my experimenting (my steamrunner sits at 420% hull regen), but I wont bug report anything. Past experiences with "fixing bugs" changed my view point about bug reporting.

Simply, because cryptic won't remedy the whole situation, but like usual just blindly nerf everything.

Truth is, leadership boffs won't save you against SNB + SPIKE, the only way how to kill anything in STO pvp atm anyway.