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03-22-2013, 04:58 AM
The regen is based off of the percentage of your crew. A combination of Theta and torps should neutralize the effects of Human BOFFs pretty quickly. Given the crappy regen rate - they're not going to get back to any substantial rate...any time soon.

The crew loss/disable mechanics work contrary to what quite a few people see in that tooltip. They see it as a lesser (which it states) amount - so the smaller amount. It doesn't work that way. It's actually the greater amount - the amount that will result in the least remaining crew. So something that reads as the lesser of 20% or 20 (where 20% might be 200) - it's going to take the 200 rather than the 20. Yeah, mind-boggling. Mix that in with crew regen - well, yeah - Theta/torp them - meh.

Thing is - some folks (personally I took it off my ships as well) feel that Theta is Evil, lol. So with a little bit of gear swapping and spending skill points in Subsystem Repair - well, it's not as difficult to offset that crew loss and thus run with those Human BOFFs regenerating 3%+ of hull per second. That's...just kind of insane.

Probably one of the reasons that Theta has started to show up more again, eh? Kind of like the increased use of Trans with the proliferation of Elite Fleet Shields, eh?

There should definitely be a cap on how many can stack - given what one can do to keep crew alive and the "opposition" to using Theta...or perhaps folks should just start spamming Theta, eh? Meh...

As for the Shocks - yeah, like Antonio said - they're great for interrupts. They follow the somewhat broken mechanic of a lack of resist before the effect that most Sci does - just a reduction of the effect after it happens.

Heck, they can also be fun for positioning - disorientating, etc. Somebody's trying to escape that warp poo or trying to outrun some mines - get in front of them and bounce those suckers back. Or heck, you see a buttload of mines following one of your guys and you don't have something else handy - shock 'em.

I suppose it's in the way I look at Sci. Bill Nye with his dirty bag o' tricks. It's not Bill Nye with a bag full of kaboom.
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