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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Yes, the rate drops with your crew. However, when you are on 0 crew, you retain he extras. Borg 2 piece bonus, captain leadership, leadership boffs, SIF generators. Also, there is most likely math bug, as the whole bonus is added in combat, while it should be cut like the rest.

Something like

X/2+Y instead (X+Y) /2
So on a level 13 alt I'm working on - kind of - lol, not really.

2x SIF Mk XII (+5 Hull Repair each)
Techie (+10 Hull Repair)
9 Starship Hull Repair (+99 Hull Repair)

119 Starship Hull Repair

4x Human BOFFs (+20% Hull Regen each)

Out of combat hull regen: 283.8%

That's with 400 Crew.

Drops to 152.4% in combat.

Let me see about losing some crew now...

300-400 it did not drop.

<300 it actually did drop.

135% at 100.

But wait, it's bugged.

Cause going out of combat and back again, at 224 crew it was only ~94%.

Going out of combat again and having 400 crew only took me to 235.5% instead of the 283.8%...

62.8% at 129.
54.5% at 234.

This crap is all over the knows what it actually is?

It's like I've posted about Defense and the Jem'Hadar Deflector... depending on if you just logged in, where you've zoned, if you've died, if you've gone into combat and come out, when you've gone into combat depending on all the rest...

...this is just messed up.

Seriously, just take a toon into SB24 after logging in (in space, Sol System) - don't go to the ground. Note the number - go into combat - note the number - watch crew loss - note the number - leave combat - note the number - look at it at full crew - go back into combat - look at the numbers now - die - look at the numbers - get attacked without going into combat (funny, eh?) and look at the numbers - die again - look at the numbers as crew regen and you enter combat again...
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