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03-22-2013, 07:03 AM
Again, this was just on a level 13 alt that I keep thinking about leveling (but it's my guy with the most Human BOFFs):

These are out of combat numbers...

First login to Sol System: 283.8%
Head to SB24: 283.8%
After leaving combat (returning to full crew): 235.5%
Returning to Sol after the SB24 (full crew): 221.3%

Those be the same.

edit: Okay, so I looked Starship Hull Repair was still 119 as it was initially. Still, I took a SIF Mk III (+5) off and put it back on. Took me to 280.9%. Still not the 283.8%.

It was not until I set one of the BOFF stations to None and then put the BOFF back, that I got back to the 283.8%.

So just like Defense, the Perception Stuff, etc... the Hull Repair rate stuff gets screwed up depending on what you're doing and what you've done - it doesn't always recalculate everything correctly.

Have to wonder how many other things are broken out there like that. We enter and leave combat - we need to pull all our gear and BOFFs - then put them back again - we zone - we have to do that - we...yeah...

...I'm going to smoke.

edit2: Well, I checked weapons/consoles - and - it was consistent. But yeah, the hull regen thing just irks me on top of the Defense/Perception issues out there as well...meh.

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