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03-22-2013, 06:33 AM
Your looking at 2 very different issues. I for one couldnt be happier that the key can be purchased on exchange. However I would like to see some craftable items that where unique and valued reintroduced to the crafting system. Maybe there are but last time I checked there was nothing that I wanted to own that I could craft. This is the heart of the issue.

How about with some ultra rare ingredients from some uber hard mission like hive we could actually craft keys....or ship modules or those thingies that the fleets need to have to give out ships and stuff. What about making all fighters consumable and let us craft those?

To the OP, what else could be made craftable in order to make the profession viable again?

AND i personally wish nothing was bound. I think its stupid that I cant really cash out my kdf captains now that i may have a better option... But at least there are a few things that are trad-able.
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