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My next entry is two short stories because that's the cool thing to do.

Part 1, "Dishonoring the Dead," shows T'Panna's promotion to first officer. It also gave me an excuse to write a combat scene and a news article, which were two things I wanted to do.
Very cool entry I loved Anton Po's article, and the phrase "-a disgruntled officer-" got a chuckle Obviously it was sensationalist garbage which should earn Po a swift beating from some legitimately 'disgruntled officers', but it was really nicely written ^_^

Originally Posted by superhombre777 View Post
Part 2, "A New Name," deals with an important issue - how can I have a Luna-class Odyssey when there is a new ship class (and first of the line ship) with the same name? The answer is simple - the Admiralty stole the name from my ship and gave it to the new one. This story also deals with the fallout from security chief Yair Hillel's encounter with the Prophets (and subsequent less-than-stellar behavior that leads to an assignment change).
Odyssey was an atypical name for a Luna-Class, so no reason to not continue likewise Have to admit, I am somewhat surprized by Captain Carter's continued faith in Hillel's capabilities, especially when his internal monologue showed a less than humbled realization of the impact of his (in)actions on Thyssr, under those circumstances, I'm concerned that he might continue to be a liability, unless of course, Carter is simply 'giving him the rope to hang himself' in a future LC...

PS A Quick casting suggestion:

Anton Po - Gilbert Gottfried

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