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03-22-2013, 07:42 AM
You could possibly help with the unbalanced numbers by giving disadvantaged sides NPC support, or implementing some kind of raid mechanic that favours the underdog.

Basically each side could launch either raids or assaults; a raid is for a single team trying to cripple a strategic asset against several enemy teams. However, the raiding team would always start with an advantage, such as a team cloak that lasts until combat begins, allowing them to strike at the least well defended objective.

In an assault, several teams form a fleet of ships on either side, but the defender is always weaker, but has some kind of powerful NPC helping them such as a star base or planetary defence battery. In this way a well organised, disadvantaged force can still hold the enemy by using healers to keep the NPC operational for as long as possible.

Basically each side would only be able to launch a limited number of raids, with the number based on the players in each sector; so the disadvantaged side can launch as many raids as it likes while the larger side can only launch a handful. Otherwise teams can launch as many assaults as they like, but only so long as there are players to fill out the numbers; the implication here being that if the defender doesn't have the numbers then the attacker won't move because it means raids are imminent.

Best way to manage it would then be to have a single PvP queue that you join, but which puts you into the first available raid or assault, rather than players joining individual queues.

There's a fair bit of room to play with when it comes to "supporting" NPCs, as you could also throw in Borg or Tholian attacks, which a weaker side could use in their favour.
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