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03-22-2013, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
yea, they do have roles, horrible slanted in favor one one class roles

slanted because the trinity system is a load of tripe that breaks as soon as its exposed to anything beyond its narrow tolerances.

that you think you cant have specialisation and balance at the same time tells me you havnt played many genera's of games.

in reality? not one.
but there is a great deal of difference between applying a nffp system and one that allows the game to function in a way that is discrimitory to the majority of game play.
so we both agree trinity system exist in sto, implementation of content to support it is other matter as i said several times.

you can have specialisation, and complete lack of balance, i never said trinity system ensure some balance, and yes i played a lot mmos, some of which that dont use this system, like guildwars

problem in sto inst trinity system, or content separated
problem is ships are made with roles, and content is made in such way it dont require such and favor dps. game gonna work fine if ether of that 2 is fixed to be compatable with others. ie change content to fit roles of the ships, or change ships in ways that they can perform nearly equal in any situation.