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Originally Posted by sgtstarfall View Post
My hope is that you can choose how you want to play as a Romulan. I can definitely see people wanting to play a badass backstabbing, cunning, and ruthless romulan, but at the same time there are those people that may want to play as a noble and honest romulan (as ironic and non-canon as that sounds).
I wouldn't have said it was that non-canon - that's exactly the way I'd have described the bloke that Captain Kirk ran into in Balance of Terror, and being the first Romulan ever to appear in the series I think he has bragging rights. OK, so a noble and honest Romulan who wanted to blow them all to bits with plasma torpedoes, but what else are enemies good for?

Basically, the Romans-in-space thing is in play. You want to be the hero of the Republic ready to die for his cause, you can do that... you want to be the assassin who makes sure he does, you can do that too. Well, you can if Cryptic get around to arranging multiple mission options. Come on, Cryptic, this really is important - it's the story that does it...

karl2025 - hmmm... if any of the breakaway group were actually stuck in a turbolift with a Vulcan I suspect we'd find out just how Romulan they were...

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