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03-22-2013, 08:26 AM
The problems I see with STO's "trinity" is:
  • PvE content is all about damage; just about everything in an elite STF has the capacity to kill you, and the best ability to counteract that is a Tactical ability.
  • Crew damage is severely broken; this is one of the areas where cruisers are supposed to excel, but since crew are killed so quickly their innate hull healing is non-existent. This should be the area that distinguishes cruisers from escorts that have practically the same hull points.
  • Threat is a skill, or a science console. What Engineering captains should really have is some kind of high-threat ability that will pretty much instantly direct a targeted enemy to attack them, but significantly reduces the damage that the tank sustains, and should ideally be based on crew so that once crew are fixed the ability will work best on cruisers but be a death sentence to other ship types.
  • Too many abilities are available in ensign and lieutenant slots; the most powerful self-healing and friend-healing abilities for engineers and science stations respectively should be limited to Lt. Commander and Commander slots only; as it stands right now anybody can take Transfer Shield Strength and Hazard Emitters, which might be okay for cruisers, but doesn't suit escorts who can end up friend-healing themselves. Moving them into Lt. Commander and Commander slots would make ships like Star Cruisers more specialised as the only ones that can run a hybrid tank/healer for example. Science abilities should be focused on direct offence attacks in Ensign/Lieutenant slots, engineering move Auxiliary to X powers down to make Emergency Power to X powers up, likewise with Extend Shields. Basically the current engineering ability layout is largely backwards, as it means that engineering focused ships have more offensive options (directed energy modulation, aceton beam, boarding party) but I'm not sure it should be that way around.
  • Tactical Team shouldn't be the go-to power for survival; escorts should be forced to turn to survive, with tactical team's distribution effect instead moving to a Lt. Commander or Commander engineering ability, but maybe give everyone access to some shield auto-distribution as an effect of shield distribution duty officers. This leaves Tactical Team to become a pure offence/repel boarders combo ability.
  • Attack Patterns currently do a heap of things really well, almost just as well as the dedicated powers available to engineering/science officers. They need to be reduced in effectiveness, or given a downside, for example attack pattern beta/alpha giving a defensive penalty to counteract their offensive boost.
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