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03-22-2013, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by haravikk;8747251[*
Tactical Team shouldn't be the go-to power for survival; escorts should be forced to turn to survive, with tactical team's distribution effect instead moving to a Lt. Commander or Commander engineering ability, but maybe give everyone access to some shield auto-distribution as an effect of shield distribution duty officers. This leaves Tactical Team to become a pure offence/repel boarders combo ability.[/list]
The fundamental problem with Tactical Team is that it transfers shield power much much faster than is otherwise possible. Manual balancing, i.e. shield balancing based on player skill and awareness of the situation, simply can't keep up with the massive damage spikes. Especially when the NPCs start throwing torpedoes, because they cheat.

In an ancient thread about the roles of different ships, I argued that cruisers should balance shields nearly as fast as tactical teams can, if they use manual balancing to direct all their power in a specific direction. Cruisers should also have something like Sensor Analysis, but defensive and threat-generating in nature; basically the longer a cruiser is engaged with an enemy, the less damage that enemy would do to the cruiser and the less likely that enemy would ever change targets.