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03-22-2013, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by sgtciscoinsa View Post
I think and hope it will be nerfed. I am a mediocre escort pilot. I can usually dominate pugs in my jem ship. Yes you can kill it. BUT I find it very hard with a good pilot.

I have some fleet mates that destroy everything in that ship. Its truly evil.
If they nerf the JHAS, then how will it be any different to the Fleet Defiant or the Fl. MVAE?

And if they do, then by [deity] they had better start dishing out a few Andorian, F. Defiant, Fl. MVAE, Steamrunner, Armitage escorts on the KDF side. Because with these ships in the game, the JHAS for the KDF is a necessity not a luxury.

The Holy Trinity of ships exists Fedside only.

Do I enjoy flying non-factional ships. Absolutely not. Do I have a choice? No. Not if I want to be even remotely competitive.

I don't have to tell you what the Andorian escort, a Fl. Defiant and a Sci Fl. MVAE are capable of doing together. I've seen it firsthand.

There's your problem.

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