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I imagine a lot of us are thinking about constructing Romulan missions, so I think it would be good to have in one place some summaries telling us the recent history of the Star Empire up to where we are "today" ? meaning where we are at the end of the Season 7 content.

The Path to 2409 is available at:

It's long, really really long, but it boils down to this: the Romulans fractured after the destruction of Romulus/Remus. Governments rose and fell, Tal'Aura got assassinated, Sela got exiled, Donatra disappeared. At the end of the Path, the Star Empire had reunited under Praetor Taris and Sela - who is back - as the Empress, but they were still in the process of reforming the government on Rator III with lots of arguments, conflicts with the Klingons, distrust of the Federation, etc.

We now know that the Romulan faction storyline begins in the "past" probably sometime during the following events.

From here on each entry is in chronological order as the Federation player is meant to encounter them in game.

Romulan Mission Series "Romulan Mystery" - the commander level Fed Romulan missions:

"Under Cover of Night" - Franklin Drake orders a Starfleet Officer named T'Par to try and sell Federation secrets (fake ones) to the Romulans and Admiral T'nae orders you to intercept without telling you that T'Par is Section 31. The player rampages around the Agrama System trying to find out where T'Par is. You finally catch up with her just as a Romulan Commander beams her up to his ship. You disable the ship and get her back. She confesses to you that she and Section 31 have used you to make her appear more convincing as a traitor. "Now the empress will base her battle plans on false information."

"Minefield" - The player is sent to protect the Sierra II Outpost, where a Vulcan scientist S'Larin has developed a mine meant to protect the Federation's transwarp network. When you get there the Romulans are attacking. You defeat them and grab the experimental mines. You then go to the Teneebia System and deploy the mines to prevent the Romulans from sending a fleet through a transwarp gate.

"Divide et Impera" - You take Admiral Zelle with you to raid a secret Romulan base in the Vendor System where the Star Empire is developing subspace weapons. You access a computer and find out that Rator III is a staging point for Operation Khelian (you do not find out what this is). The outpost computer says the main focus of the science staff is a method to detect Undine. Turns out Zelle is an Undine and was using you to destroy that research and infiltrate the Star Empire. She takes the form of Commander Selok and escapes.

"Saturday's Child" - Nothing much here. The Klingons make an incursion into Romulan space to take a resource-rich independant world. You beat them, of course, and secure trade rights for the Federation.

"Preemptive Strike" - Starfleet believes a Romulan fleet is gathering at Rator III to attack the Federation (probably the aforementioned Operation Khelian). You go to Rator III to rescue a Starfleet recon team and stop that fleet. You find the strike team, it's leader tells you the Romulans still feel anger and grief over their homeworld. They do have subspace weapons, and Vulcan may be their target. You destroy those subspace weapons on the ground and destroy the fleet in orbit. It is not said who planned or approved of the Romulan plan to attack the Federation.

"Hunting the Hunters" - A diplomatic team heading to the Rator System (probably to negotiate a peace after our big fleet battle) is missing. The team was attacked by the Hirogen and is being used as bait to draw you into their hunt. You defeat them, and there is as yet no evidence suggesting why or how they are in Romulan space.

"Project Nightingale" - The Romulans have attacked and stripped the USS Nobel of anything useful. The ship had been investigating a shield wall around Cirini Prime. The Romulans have been using captive scientists and Starfleet officers from the Nobel to research adapting Borg tech for their use. You rescue the scientists. One of the Romulan interrigators mentions that the project is "For the Empress." (Sela).

"By Any Means" - You learn that the Nobel had been trying to keep a Borg sphere out of Romulan hands. You got to the Pilatus System and scuttle the sphere, then you tag a Romulan ship to find out where they took the tech and a Fed science team. You follow it to the Hadrian System. You find a station where you find out the Romulans have been outfitting an experimental ship with Borg tech. "Nero showed us the way." You defeat the commander in charge.

"Ground Zero" - You go to the Hobus System to investigate the origins of the supernova that destroyed Romulus. You have the consent of the Romulan government, but you get attacked by Remans in the system. You find evidence of protomatter in the planetary remnants. You find a shielded complex on one of the planets as well as evidence the supernova may have been deliberately triggered. The Romulans may be unaware of Reman activity in this system. Whomever it was who triggered the supernova remains unknown.

"Ghost Ship" - You investigate the Great Bloom - where Shinzon's Scimitar blew up - to find out why ships are disappearing in the region. You find the USS Warwick drifting in space with no lifesigns. It is a Hirogen trap. Turns out thought that it was the Dividians that were causing all the trouble. You close several portals so they can't come through again.

"Friend of My Enemy" - In the interest of better relations with Romulan border worlds, you aid the plague-ridden colony of Rashana by transporting medical supplies. On entering the system, you destroy a group of Reman ships attacking Romulan freighters. The plague has been engineered by the Remans. You defeat them and synthesize a cure.

"Taris" - Starfleet has been analyzing your findings from the Hobus system concerning the supernova that destroyed Romulus. They send you to the supposedly uninhabited Iconia System, which was receiving messages from the Hobus base. You are attacked by Remans under Commander S'hanclado. You attempt to scan a crater on the main planet, but are attacked by a mysterious and unknown vessel, which promptly vanishes. Romulan and Reman lifesigns are detected on the planet as well as the elements from the Hobus base. You investigate an underground base - a repurposed Iconian structure - and find schematics for the device that exploded the Hobus star. You find out that a Commander Arranhu launched the device on the orders of Praetor Taris. Taris it seems was working with some outside force. Taris is actually in the facility, you apprehend her and destroy an Iconian Gateway.

"Trapped" - You are sent to find a missing survey ship. You find a large debris field with Romulan weapons signatures. It's the Hirogen... again... but this time you get sucked into an artificial wormhole. You rescue the survey ship, collapse the wormhole and escape.

"S'Harien's Swords" - You go to the Dimorus System to put a stop to the Romulans' experiments with Borg technology once and for all. You strip the defenses from S'Harien Station, but its commander beams away. You defeat the last of the Borg-enhanced Romulan ships.

Special Task Forces

"The Khitomer Accord" - Donatra, formerly a Romulan military commander involved in Shinzon's coup before switching sides and aiding the Enterprise in its victory over the Scimitar and a leader in the Empire in the years that followed, has been missing since the destruction of Romulus. While the player is investigating a Borg time travel threat in the Quadra Sigma System, it is discovered that Donatra was assimilated by the Collective. The player defeats and destroys her ship in the past in orbit of the Vega Colony.

Cloaked Intentions - the Featured Episode Series


New Romulus - any Season 7 plot information

D'Tan - a unificationist - has allied with Obisek's Reman faction and is setting up a colony on Mol'Rihan, a world that the Romulans first landed on after their Sundering from Vulcan. At some point in the past, a great battle was fought on Mol'Rihan that made the planet unihabitable for generations, forcing the Romulans to leave and settle on Romulus and Remus. The Federation and Klingon Empire are helping with construction and reclamation. The Tal Shiar is trying to undermine the colonists. Tholians and Hirogen also have landed away teams or hunting parties on the planet.

"Warehouse" - You investigate a warehouse in the staging area. The Romulans have been having trouble with a Ferengi - the same one from Mine Enemy in fact - and his spotty inventory keeping. You find out he's been skimming valuable supplies and he has his mercenaries attack you. He claims the Tal'Shiar are controlling him.

"Hidden Camera" - cutscene. D'Tan is visited by Subcommander Khiana of the Tal'Shiar. She offers to help with New Romulus if D'Tan allows them to "advise" him on its governance. He rejects a backdoor deal, but says he wants all Romulans reunited, but it must be done "in the light of day." She leaves, effectively declining.

"Secret Shuttle Codes" - An unknown party is helping you. They direct you to a shuttle in the mountains where you download surveilance footage. Khiana says she has visited D'Tan again but he is intractable. The Tal'Shiar Commander Ruul sets the Hirogen loose on the Starfleet and Klingon officers on the planet in an attempt to get them out of the way.

Miscellaneous Plot Info

Ancient history of New Romulus (With thanks to psycoticvulcan)
- 200,000 years ago, Dewa III was a colony world of the Iconian Empire. They ruled oppressively over the native Dewans, killing any who did not fall in line.
- When the Iconians' subject races rose up against them, Dewa was the first planet targeted. The rebels bombarded the planet from orbit, killing thousands and destroyed the geothermal taps that provided power to everything on the planet. The Iconians on Dewa III fled through their gateways, abandoning the Dewans, and the rebels moved on to other Iconian worlds.
- With the Iconians gone, the surviving Dewans formed their own civilization.
- Thousands of years later, as the Dewans were preparing to launch a manned mission to the edge of their solar system, an abandoned Iconian Gateway was found in a subterranean cavern. Tempted by the possibility of instantaneous travel, the space program was abandoned and all resources were thrown toward making the Gateway operational again.
- When the Gateway was ready, it was connected to geothermal power taps to provide the necessary energy. The Dewans failed to realize the bombardment millenia ago had made this dangerous.
- When the Dewans activated the Gateway, it triggered massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that wiped out most of the population and bathed the planet in a killing cloud of radiation.
- The surviving Dewans retreated to caves to escape the radiation and the nuclear winter, but ultimately their resources ran out and they died off.
- Around 2,000 years ago, the Time of Awakening occurred on Vulcan. Vulcan society suppressed its emotions to put an end to centuries of savage conflict. A group known as "those who march beneath the raptor's wings" opposed this solution, seeing it as a betrayal of their souls. They left Vulcan aboard huge generational ships and set off to find a new planet on which to settle.
- The outcast Vulcans eventually reached Dewa III, which they named Vastam. Some desired to settle there, not wanting to return to the cold and cramped ships, while others believed they could not make the necessary changes to live there.
- Eventually an open debate was organized to make the decision. Despite the good intentions, things quickly deteriorated and a massive riot began. By the time it ended, 247 people had been killed.
- The survivors unanimously decided to leave, which they did. They ultimately settled on the planet Romulus and became known as the Romulans.
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