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03-22-2013, 10:40 AM
gave it to a human sci bridge officer, on New Romulous.

At one point it became immobile and wouldn't do anything. Just standing there. (was over at Vestam peaks fighting either the large crab creature or Romulans.

Had to use the transporter system to fix it.

(When it worked The sci officer used both primary and secondary attacks, used it at the correct range, got a few heals and it used it's attack powers like normal.
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Took it to Otha *that ground PvP/PvE planet with the Borg.

Aaagh never again.

Had that 3 sec remodulator from Defara crafting. it sometimes would not remodulate/have any affect on Borg adaption. **the notification that they had adapted would go away, but as soon as I fired, It would show 1 damage, then show they'd adapted.

Or do 34 damage few times, then have to remodulate again.

did a few 100 crit with all mk X squad leader kit buffs activated and tac buffs.

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also took it to Nukara. after "ammo" ran out you soon got swarmed.

low proc rate/ low damage, even with a tactical officer.

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Pulsewaves are better.

pulse waves: + no ammo limit
+ higher damage
= same range
+ no limit on # of targets hit /affected with their basic attack
- affects less targets with it's secondary attack

Plasmathrower: + looks cool
- low damage/low proc rate for plasma damage over time.
- limited by "fuel"
- Borg adapt very quickly.

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