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Originally Posted by pizzy84 View Post
Hi, just got on the game last night.

Im 28, from the UK, and used to play FFXI

I'll be on from 6pm tonight, was wondering how i get in contact with you guys?
Most of the over 300 responses in this thread stretch a time span of over a year since the game went free to play, and come from hundreds of different people, most of which will be in different fleets, and some that likely don't even play anymore. Who exactly were you trying to get in contact with?

In game, there's an ability to search fleets, which can also set their time zones they are generally available. You could attempt to find a fleet using that that is active during the times you are available, though it's statistically doubtful that many of them would have posted in this thread before.

Originally Posted by saroven View Post
I'm a returning player that left right before the duty officer patch came out, not sure on when exactly that was. Could someone please let me know how the duty officers work and what other changes I should know about that has happened since? I'd like to catch up on gameplay before I can finally play Romulans in May.
Duty Officers are the 'rest of your crew' on your ship - the ones that aren't your bridge officers. You can send them out to do tasks that are things you as the captain don't really need to personally attend to, and in return, get rewards back such as skill points, dilithium, commendation experience and sometimes even items in return for successes.

When you are able to start working with the duty officer system, you'll get a mission from Lt. Ferra automatically, and if you talk to him, he will tell you more about the system. If you're one of those people who don't like to read things in game, then there is an entire Duty Officer forum you can ask questions in.

Also take note of the two stickied threads in that forum, which will likely also contain most of the answers to questions you may have. Duty Officers 101 and the Recruitment Guide for how to get more duty officers.
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